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All Natural Turmeric Shea Butter


Our unique, Natural, highly effective Brightening & Revitalizing Butter is light weight, non-greasy and extremely gentle for any skin type and suitable for everyday use. It does wonders !

  • Naturally Lightens skin for a more visibly, brighter, even skin tone.

  • Helps remove dark spots on the face, neck and body.

  • Moisturizes, softens and heals dry, damaged skin.

  • Naturally fades the appearance of existing scars and blemishes.

  • Diminishes the appearance of wrinkles and stretch marks.

  • Helps firm up the skin and also prevents or reduces acne.

  • Heals & Soothes skin disorders eczema, psoriasis and skin irritation.

Main Ingredients :

Chemical-free, made without using any artificial colorants, parabens, and Suitable for all skin types.

Shea butter - Turmeric root extract - Jojoba seed oil - Lavender flower oil - Sweet almond oil 

Natural - Vegan - Oil free - Hydrating - Gluten free - Paraben free 

Made in Canada 

NET 236 ml / 8 US fl.oz.


All Natural Turmeric Shea Butter