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Konia Cosmetics is an evolving online store that is dedicated solely to provide you with the most innovative skin care and cosmetic products and accessories. We produce carefully designed, no animal testing formulas with the use of top raw materials to create one-of-a-kind guilt-free beauty products.

Our company is inspired by the personal journey of Samah Konia, the founder of Konia Cosmetics. She spent years extensively researching and finding the ideal organic beauty products and top-notch quality makeup formulas for her sensitive skin. When she finally discovered the secrets of compromise-free yet affordable cosmetics, she wanted to share them with you. We are about loving and feeling comfortable in your skin, highlighting its beauty, and using only natural products.

Our goal is to empower and accentuate different formats of beauty because there should never be a single standard. We do not compromise when it comes to your well-being and skincare. You are beautiful, and it's time to choose natural cosmetic products that are perfect for you, that are safe for your health, and that will make you shine with confidence.

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Let the beauty games begin !