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B-Professional Make Up Brush Set


A 24 Piece Make Up Brush Set to help you create a flawless complexion. It comes in a brush roll travel case. A Must have brush range for countless gorgeous looks! 

The included brushes :

  • Big fan brush.                 
  • Powder brush.             
  • Blush brush.             
  • Contour brush.            
  • Foundation brush.          
  • Large eye shadow brush.
  • Eye shadow brush.         
  • Medium angled eye shadow brush.
  • Medium eye shadow brush.
  • Smudge brush.           
  • Angle eye shadow brush.
  • Nose-shadow brush.         
  • Small eye shadow brush.
  • Small eye shadow brush.
  • Fan brush.                        
  • Lip brush.                       
  • Eye liner brush.              
  • Medium bevel eyebrow brush.
  • Concealer brush.          
  • Precise eye liner brush.
  • Small bevel eyebrow brush.
  • Sponge applicator brush.
  • Lash brush.                      
  • Eyebrow brush small comb.

Vegan - Synthetic - Faux Leather travel bag

B-Professional Make Up Brush Set